Adding in (Re# 5)

I was thinking about Patrick’s story and what I wrote so far, when I realized that something was missing!  Tammy, who I hope to include as an important character, was barely introduced.  I decided to provide her a proper introduction by dedicating a whole section to her.  It takes place before “Patrick Miles III vs. Jenga,” but I think it’s definitely necessary to help build both her and Patrick’s character.  Her reactions to Patrick’s friends will be a crucial part of the plot line.  Although I can’t state how it will turn out, her position will be one of a condescending attitude towards those with less privileges.  Patrick’s choice between her or his friends will ultimately decide the type of person he will turn out to be.

Of course, it can’t be just as easy as saying, “This is Tammy and she’s mean.”  If Patrick recognizes that off the bat, how can she effect him in any way?  Besides, I think the dynamics of Tammy and Art’s relationship will be quite interesting.  Since Patrick already has mixed feelings towards Art, will Tammy feed his hatred towards Art, or will her condescending tone make Patrick see the error of his ways?


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