Patrick Miles III vs. Reunions (MT#9)

I decided that the gap between the last post about Patrick and the one prior to it is too large.  This section will be all about Tammy and how she and Patrick became reacquainted.  

The freshmen carnival came and went.  I stayed away from any rides, no matter how many times Art and Chris demanded that I go on.  Call me boring, but sitting on a plastic chair that spins around in circles until the world blurs doesn’t sound like fun.  Just as we started to head back to the dorms, Art blurted out that he was starving and needed coffee that instant.

For someone who seemed so indifferent towards everything, especially his appearance, Art held high demands.

We headed over the café on the other side of campus, dodging through floods of students with bright, smiling faces.  I shielded my eyes, wondering when exactly the sun was going to set.

“Hey, watch it,” someone suddenly snapped.  I turned my head, oblivious that I smacked into someone.

“Sorry,” I muttered, glancing towards the girl.  She was tall, only a few inches smaller than me, with honey brown hair and green eyes.  It took me only a moment to realize that I recognized her, even through her icy stare.

Her eyes lit up as she realized who I was, as well.  “Patrick?”

“Tammy?  Well, isn’t this a surprise?”

Before I knew it, she threw her arms around me, burying her nose into the crevice of my neck.  “Oh my gosh, it’s been like, what, two years?  How have you been?”

Tammy Frasier and I met in my freshmen year of high school at a large party, which many wealthy Texan families attended.  We didn’t see much of each other, but when we did, it always reminded me of those terrible, cliché reunions from a sitcom.  She would hug me and remind me how much she missed me, then we would catch up, grow bored, and promise to do it again, soon.

“I’ve been pretty good.  I didn’t know you were coming here.”

“Yeah, neither did I,” she giggled.

Suddenly, Art cleared his throat.  Before Tammy could say anything, he introduced  himself, Chris, and Cameron.  She wrinkled her nose and only gave a name as her reply.  Then, she turned back toward me and began to gush about how long it’s been.

I glanced towards Art, who rolled his eyes.  The past few days, my fondness for him began to increase, but only a small bit at a time.  He had this certain charm about him, something I couldn’t place my finger on.  He always searched for a good time, yet was conscious about what everyone else wanted to do.  Between  him and Chris, I always had someone around.  It was an odd sensation, but pleasing and, well, reliable.  No matter how crazy Art drove me, he never intended to hurt or use me.

“Well, I’ll catch you around, okay?” Tammy cooed, running her fingers across my palm.  I stopped myself from yanking my hand away.  She examined Art for brief moment and then scurried off without another word.

“I think she likes me,” Art laughed.  “Maybe I’ll ask her out on a date.”

“You’re ridiculous.”

He just laughed again.


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