Writing Center Reflection #2

Since I work at the Writing Center, it was definitely odd coming as the client instead of the consultant.  At the beginning of the semester, I went as well, but since I’ve grown as both a consultant and a student, it was a whole new experience.  I met with Alyssa-Rae, again, and we discussed my “Patrick Miles III vs. The Scuffs” re-write (since we talked about the original one in our first meeting).

I got to experience how Alyssa-Rae approached sessions with new eyes, as well, which was a learning experience.  She’s professional, but isn’t pretentious, arrogant, or condescending.  In fact, we had a lot of fun discussing my writing.  I told her about where I hoped to take the story, if I ever finished it, and what I wanted to happen to Patrick.  We discussed different approaches I could take to Patrick’s character.

I guess my favorite part about becoming the client at the Writing Center is talking about my work.  Since the environment is so friendly, I don’t feel as if my stories will be judged.  I do like discussing my work, although sometimes my fears of being inadequate prevent me from doing so.  Alyssa-Rae made me feel secure while we discussed Patrick, and I’m sure I’ll keep going to the Writing Center as both a consultant and a client.  I’m glad I got to experience it from the other side.


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