The Beginning (Re #1)

Just a quick note: The ‘Re’ stands for ‘reflection’, which will be the section where I reflect how I approached writing this week’s section, how I felt about the completed version, and any other steps I took between. 

Let me start of by telling you I hate beginning stories.  It’s one of the most challenging steps for me, as the pressure on the introduction is immense.  A combination of the pressure and the fear of actually posting a creative piece really irked me all week.  I scoured for inspiration, hoping for that ‘Aha!’ moment to finally strike me, but it never did.  So, I had to force myself to write (and we all know how unsatisfying that can feel).  I sat down, pulled out my laptop, and just began to type.  It took me a few tries before I felt the least bit content about my first sentence.

‘I notice the scuff marks painted across my new dorm walls before anything else; not the room’s prison size, or the thin mattress, or even the horrible view, but the stains ruining the white walls.’

Is it a masterpiece?  Of course not.  Is it captivating and interesting?  I can’t say.  But asking myself these questions are so challenging, simply because I’m rarely impressed by my own work.  It certainly gives some insight on Patrick’s character, but is it enough?  Or is it too much?  I keep running this line, and the rest of the post, through my head.  Let’s see what I’ve managed to reveal:

  • he detests impurities.  Reader may question if he has OCD
  • he just moved into a new dorm.
  • it doesn’t sound like a pleasant atmosphere
  • he seems particular

I guess it’s not too much information, but I’m still questioning whether or not it’s a captivating first sentence.

The rest feels rushed.  Not that I wrote it too fast, but the story is choppy and doesn’t seem to flow well.  Maybe it’s because I set the story down multiple times over the past few days, hoping to pry some sort of ideas from my imagination, or maybe I’m just being super critical of my work.  But it seems my brain doesn’t want to cooperate with me this weekend.

Obviously, I’m not too impressed with what I posted, so I decided I’ll go back to it in a few weeks and re-edit it with ‘new eyes’.  By then, (hopefully) the usual yearning to write will flower again and I’ll produce a piece I can feel a bit more proud of.  That way, I can boost my confidence in my writing and myself.  After all, how can you write well if you constantly judge and question yourself?  But if you don’t, how will you write well?